About Whole Horse Massage Therapy

About me 

Hi   My name is Christi Jacobs French.  I have had horses since the age of 12.  My parents said I was pointing at horses before I could talk.  I have done the usual things horse crazed people have done.  I worked an internship in high school, managing a barn and teaching lessons.   I was running a 20+ stall barn by the age of 20.  I raised, trained, and showed Qtr horses.  I took all the lessons I could in several different disciplines - western pleasure, english pleasure, team penning, cutting, dressage (I never could jump).  Then I found my love - endurance riding.  Some of the many great things about endurance riding is to train you ride - alot, then you go to a competition and camp with friends that ride, then you ride.  After the ride, you hang out more with friends that ride.

My other passion now is my horse - Tashanka Washtay (Lakota for Good Horse).  He is a BLM mustang.  Captured from the mountains of CA/OR at the age of 5.  These horses are amazing.  He would rather be a lap dog than a horse.  I will be getting him started this year to do endurance. 

For many years now I have lived and worked with the Native American ways.  That way of living and working with nature feels natural to me.  It influences the way I think and feel about life. I am very grateful to my mentors and teachers and guides for showing me a better way of being.

Tashanka early in training

About my work

I have always wanted to work with horses. And I have always been interested in ways of helping heal the "Whole" being.  Not just one area.  In 2010, I found the equine massage school - Equissage - in Raleigh, NC and took their classes.  It was love at first touch.  Massage and healing touch is a way to help horses, not on just a physical level.  For many horses massage brings relief from soreness, pain and tension brought on from so many areas such as work, injury, and abuse.  Since I love helping animals and their owners, massage helps bridge the care and communication between both - so both can enjoy each other that much more.

I learned about Reiki through a quirk of fate.  I was very skeptical about it until it stopped the pain of a stomach ulcer I had since childhood.  Once that happened, I felt I had to explore more.  I have since learned many ways of working with the energy field that is in and around everything.  It has made me much more sensitive to everything around me.

I am always looking for more ways to help horses and their riding partners.  One of those ways is the amazing Masterson Method.  I am in the process of going to school now to learn the Masterson Method and become certified.

If there is any method of working with horses you are interested in, please let me know and I will look into it.  I love learning and I love helping others.

Willow - another mustang - enjoying his massage